Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Orders & News

A life of a Military Mom is really stressful at times exspecially when your waiting for one of your sailors to get his new orders!!!!!!
I've been waiting for sailor son's #2 & #3's

Sailor son #2 (David) recieved his new orders on Fri. March 27 and boy is he HAPPY he got his second pick ..... Dave & Cathy are all ready going through things around thier place and ditching & donateing what they don't want LOL His new homeport will be "DRUM ROLL" please .......................................Maryland. David says he's happy to go to a new place he's been in Maine for about 8 years. Two of his Navy Buddy's are already at the base .. I know it's a bit scary LOL . Ill post a bout the base later I want to do a quick update here before heading off to work

Sailor Son #3 (Julian) should have his first orders in the next couple of days his commander told him .... Julian is really excited to get out of "A School" and Chicago (He's been at the same base for bootcamp & "A School) I'll let you know where he'll be stationed at as soon as I do;)

I can't forget about Sailor son #1 (Christopher) & Family

Christopher called also on Fri.March 27 and told me they are planning to be here for Easter ..... he already has his leave now just to book the flight from Japan and book a motel close by ( wish I had the room for them to stay her) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will mess up this planned trip I haven't seen Jacob since he was around 3 months old and now he's pushing 2

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