Thursday, April 2, 2009

This & That

No Joke yesterday April Fools Day I heard from all 3 of my Sailors. I thought they wanted to play a prank on me but instead they had Military news to share ..... onto the news

Sailor Son #1 (Christopher): Jacob, Christopher & Yumi will be here for Easter I'm sooooo excited about seeing Jacob (and his parents lol) especially him being here for a Holiday. Thier flight from Japan land in Michigan on the 10th and they'll be here until the 23rd ...... lots of time for this Grandma to do some spoiling ;). I plan to get out my Easter decorations this weekend and put up some for Jacob (last year he was also in Japan with yumi while Christopher was state side for schooling) I think this will be his first Easter since his daddy was away. I started crocheting
a Bunny tawashi/scrubbie for his basket this morning here's what it will look like when its done:

Jacob can use it as a puppet or play with it in the bath. Grandpa already has some ideas for little goodies to put in an Easter basket for him LOL.

Sailor Son #2 (David): I talked with Cathy yesterday and their busy packing up everything , they plan on renting a UHaul and drive to there new place the weekend of April 18th ..... David is freaking out about how fast he has to be at his new base but I know he like all the presser (that's when my family does the best) They'll be dropping everything off then heading back to Maine to clean up their place so they can get the security on it and say all their goodbyes (Cathy's family lives in Maine)David's last day of duty at Nas Brunswick is May 4th he reports for duty at Pax River on May 18th. I always have to find out all I can about where ever my Sailors are station so here is some info about David & Cathy's new homeport:

Patuxent River

They already have base housing waiting for them .... sounds really nice:

Where they'll be living

Sailor Son #3 (Julian) Julian is somewhat in a funk he heard his oral orders yesterday ( you can't really believe them the written orders are the ones that count) he might be at Great Lakes for another 6 months for "C School" he wants out of Chicago sooooooooo bad!!!!!!! Hopefully he'll have some FANTASTIC news in the next couple of days and he'll be packing up all his stuff to move onto a new base

Off to get ready for work hope everyone has a super day!!!!

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  1. Your bunny bath scrubbie is so cute!

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