Friday, May 1, 2009

This & That

Alot has happened around my house the last couple of weeks and this morning I told myself that I have to get everything put into my blog while things are still fresh in my mind LOL

I decided to first add some pictures before heading off to work when I get home I'll be adding captions and rearrangeing the pictures in the order they should be in this weekend ;)


Sailor Son #1 (Christopher) and his family arrived in Michigan on April 12th and were in Michigan until April 23rd ......
Jacob took to all of us right away we were afraid that he'd be shy around everyone

Auntie Amelia took Jacob for a walk around the block Sat morning

then she had Jacob pick some flowers from Grandmas garden ;)

Jacob had to show the flowers to my goose dressed up as the Easter Bunny and give a big kiss to my goose

After Church on Easter Sunday we came home and had a little bite to eat then change our clothes to head off to an Easter Egg Hunt that our city's fire department does every year at a park by the lake(all of my kids would go to the hunt when the were small ... what a great feeling I had that my grandson was able to go just like his daddy)

The start of the egg hunt

The Easter Bunny left an Easter basket at Grandpa's and Grandma's house but it took Jacob awhile to find it , he was busy running around in the basement with his baseball Easter basket that he won at the egg hunt LOL ..... after telling him that he's hot or cold for about 5 minutes Jacob finailly found his basket (Auntie Amelia had to sit in the chair where the basket was hidden under LOL

Look at Jacob's goodies

While Christopher & Yumi went shopping at some outlet malls by us (Yumi LOVES to shop) Auntie Amelia had a blast with Jacob

After a lunch outside of mac & cheese with dinasour chicken nuggets they had some creamsicyles

Jacob's first ice cream on a stick :)

then the two of them played with some of the goodies in Jacob's Easter basket

Auntie Amelia taught Jabob how to blow bubbles from a wand instead from the mouth LOL

Writing on Grandpa's & Grandma's house :)

Christopher Yumi Jacob & one of Christophers freinds went to the zoo and I really like this picture of Jacob

Christopher wanted to have a little birthday party for Jacob in the USA before they left since last year and this year they'll be in Japan ...
Jacob's birthday is June 6th

Grandpa reading one of the story books to Jacob that we got for him

Jacob reading to Grandpa :)

Like Father Like Son:
When Christopher & David were little Jim & I just had to buysome shirts for them that we thought were really cute I saved them and now Jacob is wearing his Daddy's .5 half pint shirt LOL

Jacob looking for Uncle Dominic

Jacob just being silly :)


Strong Hearts:

It's a good thing that Jim & I both have strong hearts ....
Christopher Yumi & Jacob left Michigan to go back to Japan on the 23rd so the 24th was a day of relaxing and missing our little Jacob the house was sooooooo quite. Amelia & Jim went to bed early Dominic and I were the only ones up. I was downstairs and I heard Dominic go out the front door around 11pm then a few minuites later I heard pounding on the back door ( I thought Dominic locked himself out) I went to open the back door and didn't see anybody so I turned on the flood lights still didn't see anybody look down the window and saw a sailor hat ...... started freaking out because I just knew it was going to be sailor son #3 (Julian) Dominic and Julian where planning a surprise attack for 2 weeks waiting for all of the Military paper work to go through ..... Julian will be here until May 25th then he heads straight to Guam

My big SHITHEADS (said with love)

Jim jumped out of bed and hurried up to get dressed when he heard all the noise LOL

Julian & Amelia going off the next day .... still don't know where they went LOL

Easter Egg Hunt at Crochetmania:

Squares for Maria's comfortghan:
On April 17th I posted a request for 12" squares for a compfortghan for my SIL at Crochetville

My SIL started treatments for stage 3 ovarian cancer in October and everything was looking really good until 3 weeks ago the cancer had spread to her lungs, my brother rushed her to the hospital on the 10th of this month from all the pain she was in from the coughing ( her ribs are badly bruised) they scheduled an MRI for the 13th to see how much the cancer is spreading. My brother called me last and told me that it has spread to Maria's brain and they will be starting radiation treatments again then on to chemo to try and kill off all the new cells they are keeping her in the hospital for now. My brother and his family live in New York and the only comfort I can give them is on the phone.

Update on Maria April 27th:

I talked with my brother last night and the doctors said that Maria might be able to go home from the hospital on Sat. (May 2nd) but to be prepard for hospice. She isn't on a morphine drip yet and Maria's spirits are really good so that's a good sign. Maria dosen't want a hospital bed in the living room when she comes home so my brother is going to move their hide a bed into the living room (hopefully she'll be comfortable).

Here's pictures of all the gorgeous squares I recieved so far ..... Thank you!!!!

I plan on to start putting the squares together after I finnish up a couple more of the squares I'm working on .....

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