Thursday, June 11, 2009

This And That

Life has been busy for me the last couple of months.... family visiting, funeral, everyday things, work, etc, it looks like my summer will be busy also .....but at least I'm on summer vacation from work ( I work at a school LOL) My mother had a operation on her thyrod last month ( calcium deposit) and they found cancer , they removed the cancer growth (it was pea size) at the time but she has to do 3 high dose radiation treatments in a couple of weeks hopefully everything will go good .... she is a 9 year cancer survivor of breast cancer

Military: All of my sailors are doing thier jobs and doing good :)

Crochet: I've been busy making thread bookmarks .... no brainers while at the Dr. with my mom. I also started working on some irish roses for a doily that's been on my to do list forever. Right now I'm in the zone making the flowers the ones I don't use will end up being used in the future on another project....... whenever theres stress in my life I always look for a doily that has a lot of pieces to it that I have to build LOL

Here's the doily :

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