Monday, June 29, 2009

This & That


Haven't talked to Sailor son #1 since the beginning of May on the phone. We just hear from Christopher through emails now & then .... he's out at sea and really can't say much ;(

Sailor son #2 is really enjoying being stationed in Maryland after being in Maine for 8 years .... I think the change is doing David & Kathy good, sometimes you have to be away from family members (Kathy's folks live in Maine)

Sailor son #3 (Julian) likes Guam and was already out to sea but only for a couple of days ... they were headed to China and there was trouble with the ship so they turned around and went back to Guam .... plans to head back outto sea are in the works ;)
Julian has started loking at cars to buy waiting to hear word about what he decides to buy ... we're all telling him to stay away from the rice burners LOL. Mean while Julian tried another way to get around Guam a couple weeks ago


My Mom's cancer treatments are all done her last one was on June 25th hopefully the radiation killed off all the remaining cells ..... we will find out at her check up.It's a good thing that I have a strong & close family since my Mother lives with us!

For Father's day this year I figured the kids should send me digital pictures of themselves and I'd get the frames to put them in. Instead of getting 5 frames this is what I had done at Walgreens ( Only needed to buy one frame for a change LOL)

Jim really liked the picture and said we'll have to update it every year ;)


My Humming Bird doilies are slowly getting done I'm working on 3 of them... I know call me crazy

I have all the flower parts finnished and also the humming bird bodies, I started on the wings this morning ( have 12 of them to make) then on to the heads and build the birds then attach them to the roses

Doily 1: yellow rose and yellow accents
Doily 2: pink rose & pink accents
Doily 3: lilac rose & pink & purple accents

What the doily will look like when done:

I noticed that I don't have any Patriotic doilies so I've been on the hunt looking for a pattern. I really like the one in this book but haven't been able to find it. I put out the word for the book in a couple of my groups but so far no luck, maybe someone who reads this blog could also help me out finding it

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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