Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potholder Swap & More Crochet stuff

I didn't relise how long it's been since I updated here but thanks to my DD bugging me for an update here I am LOL It's really nice knowing that she likes to take a peek here every now and then ........ Love you Amelia!!!!!


Where to begin with my crochet projects ..... I'm still working on my Hummingbird doilies but I'm really close to finnishing them up, I'm working on the last group of pineapples then on to the borders my goal is to have all 3 done by next week so be on the lookout for pictures :)

A friend from one of my groups sent me the 4th of July Dazzler doily pattern I didn't have it done for the 4th but it is done on the 12th. I still haven't blocked it or found the perfect place to display it yet, I want to get wallet size pictures of my Sailors to put on the doily

I joined a potholder swap at Crochetmania and am having a blast making potholders and looking for patterns... friends in Brazil have some FANTASTIC potholder patterns listed! I think this year my DL's will be getting kitchen baskets for Christmas ;)

Miss Kitty is running the swap and didn't have a partner for phase 1 so she picked 2 swappers to send a surprise to .... guess what I was one of the swappers that was picked here's what she sent:

Miss Kitty does such wonderful felting .... maybe someday I'll give it a try

I was hooked up with TXCL for my partner and this is the the potholder she sent me .... it has insulated fabris inside of it how neat is that!

For phase 1 of the swap we were able to pick out any pattern that we wanted to do ... I really enjoyed seeing all of the chicken potholders I'd see when visiting friends blogs in Brazil and this was the perfect time to finaily make one LOL I used the pattern from Whimsical Potholders and added a big flower instead of a bunch of little ones.

Here's the chicken potholder I sent to TXCL:

For phase 2 of the swap Miss Kitty is giving us clues every couple of days for the potholder/hotpad I think I know what were working on but everyones keeping hush hush about it ... BTW call me crazy again... I have 3 of them going ... I think I'll post pictures of all of them when there done and have my partner pick witch one she wants ;)

Hope your having a FANTASTIC hump day!

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