Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This & That

I didn't relize it's been sooooooooo long since I last updated my blog. I really don't have any excuse just call me lazy! So far 2010 is off to a great start ... keeping my fingers crossed that it just keeps on getting better and better.

I decided that this year is a ME year ...... take better care of myself ,between my DH's health and my Mothers (She's 85 and lives with us) I forgot all about me and that's not a good thing.


I had so much fun doing the 2008 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece (I made 4 Amineko's ) I just couldn't pass this up ............

I decided that for the 2010 Winter Games I'll be making 2 sets of "South Park Dolls" ... one for my daughter & one for one of my sons, I bought the pattern when it first came out and never got around to making them

Since I don't work with yarn that much I'll also be doing something in thread .. 2 bookmarks or embellishments a day (bookmarks will go to charity) plus a doily

I've been busy making hearts for a couple of Valentine's Day doilies but I relized that I don't have enough white thread to put them all together ... so I guess I get to go shopping for more thread "Doing the Happy Dance" ;). I ve also been busy making heart potholders and tucking in a bunch of ends on doilies, bookmarks ect that I put into a tote dureing the holidays .... I HATE TUCKING IN ENDS!!!!. Be on the lookout for pictures ;)


All 3 of my Sailor Sons are safe and doing what they do.
Sailor Son #2 (David) called on Saturday (1-23)and told me that he'll be off to some special schooling in April/May boy is he exicted about it and so am I.... sometimes the Miltary can be hard on our men and women but when an oppertunity comes along you jump on it. Can't say what the schoolings for "Loose Lips Sink Ships"


It's strawberry time in Japan and Sailor Son #1 looks forward to it every year when he's not out at sea. This past weekend he took his family to one of the strawberry farms.I wish my strawberry plants looked that good!!!!

Grandma misses & loves you Jacob!

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