Monday, February 8, 2010

Crochet Dance ...?

This weekend I was able to get a few of my WIPS done ... I still have a lot more Wips to finish up and it seems that I'm always start something new.This weekend I started a pressie for the "Silly Tag Swap" that I'm in at one of my groups ......of course I'm making a couple of extras to put in my basket of "Little things to brighten someones day" I'll post pictures once the person that I tag gets it CLUE it has 7 different colors and 8 crochet pieces to it ;)

Here's my woven hearts all done:

I think I'll be making a couple up in black & white for my kitchen

One of My Valentine's Day Doilies ... I had just enough white thread to finish it up

My order came in for the thread that I ordered from a gift card from Joann's ... had a 50% off coupon plus a free shipping coupon and the bestest of all was that the small balls of thread were on sale :)

I mentioned about the "Silly Tag Swap" earlier well I'm IT now :)This is what I was tagged with:

the silly part was a bag with some twist ties ...... have you read what's written on the twist ties when you grab one?

Now onto the Dance part:

My daughter went to a school dance on Sat. 2-6 and here she is all girly .. if you knew her you'd be shocked to see her in a dress ... she's a skinny jean & graphic tee type of girl along with a hoodie LOL

Off to do some housework before everyone starts coming home ;)

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  1. Love the woven hearts. I'm a crochet lover first and foremost, but they don't sell for what they're worth so I make bags instead, LOL. Your heart doily is just perfect, so lovely. And your Joann's steal. How lucky! If only they shipped to Japan, but alas, they will not...

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today. It's nice to know someone who knows someone else over here!


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