Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 4 of the Games

Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

Doily #1

I have my 18 shamrocks all done and plan to start on the center of the doily this afternoon I don't like how the pattern uses mint green in the center part so I'm going to switch it to white. ..... still haven't picked out doily #2

Cuddle Sack/ Cocoon #1

I'm half way done with my first cuddle sack then I'll be making the matching hat. The pattern I'm using is the Shell Sleep sack and Cap from Susies Stuff ..... boy does it seem weird working with yarn since I'm a threadie! I still haven't picked out the pattern for #2 yet

Yesterday my coach gave me the day off ( still have to do my training though LOL).... finished up a tea cozy for my DH for Valentine's Day and also attached a bunch of hearts to a doily.


Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

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