Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Need A Hug!

Some days it's hard being a Military Mom of 3 sailors and also taking care of my Mother who lives with us and my husband who has some medical problems ...... so what do I do to unwind I crochet and go online to different crochet places to brighten up my day :) Certain sites can always bring a smile to my face ( you know who you are and a great BIG thanks from me to you!) While others have to nit pick really little things and make you feel like SHIT! There's such a thing as PMing a person or emailing them to say something instead of writing it down for everybody to see....... I always remember what my Father taught my brothers and me ..... "Words are very powerful so be careful what you say, it's one thing you can't take back" ... sure you can edit your comment at places but why not reread what you wrote before hitting post, what you wrote just might make a person feel like SHIT!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent I feel a lot better:)

2010 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

In case anybody forgot what my challenge was for the games:
2 doilies plus 2 cuddle sacks in order to get a gold medal

Team Doily

Doily #1 is done all I have to do is block it then it will be sent to sailor son #2 and his wife for an Anniversary gift ... They were married on St. Paddies Day


Doily #2 is just about done I have 1 more rnd to do then the first part of my challenge is done


Dave & Cathy March 17, 2007

Team Baby

Cuddle Sack #1 is all done along with a matching hat ... I really like how it turned out and the flower really makes it pop :)

I'm half way done with cuddle sack #2 and it will be for a baby boy

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics


For "C" Woven Hearts pattern .... ENJOY!


I just went to Yumi's blog to see what my grandsons been up to ..... They went to a trick museum in Japan by Yumi's parents and I just love this picture of Jacob

Human kaleidoscope

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