Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

2010 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

The Game: Begin and complete the crochet project of your choice in the time between the beginning of US television coverage of the opening ceremonies (7:30 PM eastern time, February 12, 2010) and the extinguishing of the flame at the closing ceremonies (February 28, 2010) of the 2008 Vancouver Olympics.

I had to change what I was going to do because of legal issues with doing something South Park for the games ( one day I will make them it just wasn't meant to be this year LOL), so I decided to make 2 doilies & 2 baby cuddle sacks.

Team Doily ......Doily #1

I started working on some shamrocks last night for Doily #1 ......The finished doily will be an Anniversary gift for one of my sons that was married on St Paddy's day.

Team Baby ....... Cuddle Sack #1

I found the pattern last night for the first cuddle sack and plan on starting it tonight .... have to pull out my bins of yarn in between doing laundry and pick out what color I want to use

Go Team Doily & Team Baby!!!!

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