Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love Is In The Air ......

Boy is it hard to find a crochet heart pattern that I really like. I always was intrigued by the woven hearts (reminds me of the Valentine's day card holders my children would make in school when they were little) and a fantastic friend sent me the pattern .... here's what I have done so far

I made the smaller heart using just one strand of crochet cotton instead of two ... maybe I'll use it as a dishcloth or maybe a coaster time will tell ;)

I've also been busy making some heart bookmarks of course Amelia will be getting one for Valentines Day from me .... she's my reader!

Yesterday a good friend sent me a really nice heart pattern for a heart coaster, maybe I'll get started on some tonight my fingers sure need a break from working with double strands LOL

Keep the heart patterns coming!!!


  1. These hearts are really cute. They remind me of the paper hearts we did in grade school...LOL Do you have directions for them?

  2. Collen .. if you email me I can send you the pattern :)


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