Friday, February 5, 2010

Setsubun: Bean Throwing Festival

My Little Setsubun

My Sailor Son #1 is stationed in Japan along with his family.In case you don't know my DIL is 100% Japanese and they celebrate both Americian and Japanese traditions and Holidays ..... I learned a new Japanese one this morning when I went to my Grandsons blog ( Yumi started it when Jacob was one week old when they were stationed in Hawaii so that all the family members could watch Jacob grow up)

I bet you want to know what Setsbun is all about well here goes:

At the beginning of February every year, we celebrate the "Bean Throwing Festival" at temples in Japan.

Selected men and women throw beans from the stage at the temple to the crowds wishing to drive the evil spirit away and bring the good luck that year. Those men and women are called "Toshi-otoko" and "Toshi-onna" and their birth year is the same as that particular year.

There are 12 different animals in the Chinese zodiac signs, and each year an animal is chosen as the sign of the year, like "The Year of the Rat" and "The Year of the Ox". So, if it is the Year of the Dragon, the people who were born in the Year of the Dragon will be chosen to throw the beans for this festival.

People also celebrate this festival at home.

My Big Setsubun

Usually the father or the oldest man in the family takes the role of a demon. Inside the house, the rest of the family members throw the beans to the demon, saying "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi", which means "Evil is out, good luck is within."

What people say to the demon when throwing the beans is sometimes different; it depends on the region. Some say "Oni wa uchi, fuku wa uchi." This means "Evil is within and good luck is within."

Jacob helping make the feast for the demon

Beef & Salad & Roll Dragon Roll for the Demon

After throwing the beans, people eat the same number of beans as their age to wish for good health that year. For example, if you are 20 years old, you will eat 20 beans.

Clean up time LOL

I wonder what thier going to do for Valentines Day :)

Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. My daughter was so disappointed that we didn't do anything special for Setsubun this year. One year I made an oni-shaped sushi that was a huge hit with the preschool crowd. That was a fun party!

  2. Now that my grandson is getting older I've been learning a lot more Japaesse customs & traditions ...... I know that Setsubun is not in your house craftytokomama!


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