Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIPS & Games

Now,now it's not that type of wips & games ;)

Day 6 Of Games:

2010 Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

My Cuddle sack/cocoon #1 should be finished tonight then onto the hat The color isn't showing to well it's a really nice baby yellow

Doily #1 is almost done I started attaching the shamrocks to it last night

after all the shamrocks are added only 3 more rnds I plan to do those in white instead of the darker green in the pattern

I realized that I didn't have a St. Paddy's doily for my house so Doily #2 will be ...............

From: crochetdoilies


My coach gave me Valentines Day off from the Crochet Games of Ancient Greece at the ville to work on a couple of wips( that was my training for the day). I finished up a tea cozy for my DH for a Valentines day gift along with a movie that I bought him (Jim likes homemade hot chocolate served in a tea pot)of course he needed a GREAT big kiss .... so I made him some lips LOL

Son #3 is a driver for a local florist and surprised me with the flower while he was doing his runns in are area :)

I was also able to attach the hearts on this doily.... one thing I really like about heart doilies is that you can use them year round not just for Valentines day

the last part of my training for the day was stuffing and whip stitching these cute little birdies together.I still have to put some beads on them for their feet then they'll be done.Amelia picked the pick one for herself :)

I found the wonderful pattern at Attic24 the first time I saw her birdie a big smile came to my face their soooo cheerful!

Happy Hooking!

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  1. I love the shamrock doily! Wish I could work with small thread but it's very hard for me to see :( Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog very much :)


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