Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Hope your day is off to a FANTASTIC start ..... mine is :)

Remember the tea cozy I made for my DH for Valentines day? Well I took off the flower and added a shamrock

The pattern instructions for the cozy says to make the whole cozy in one color even the flower and leaves YUCK! I knew I wanted to do the main part in white right off so that I could switch the cozy up whenever my mood wanted to or change it to a quick holiday decoration....... I just leave a long tail on the piece I want to attach ( the easier the better LOL)

I've also been busy working on a new doily that I started on Sat I only have 4 more rnds to do ..... boy does it feel good doing a charted doily it's been awhile! You'll just have to wait to see the doily when its done ;)

I'm also working on a little something for Amelia .... pictures soon :)

A Crocheter's Prayer

Here's a gift I made by hand.
Just for you from me.
And with each stitch I added
I said a prayer you see.
I prayed for you to be happy
And be blessed with Godly riches.
So more love than you can imagine
Are entwined within these stitches.


On Friday 3-5 is Sailor son #3's 20th birthday .... boy do I miss you Julian! We're trying to hook up a time to be on skype with Julian so everyone back home can sing Happy Birthday to him ( there's 13 hours difference in times)

Saturday 3-6 is Amelia's 15th Birthday and she's already picked out the cake for me to bake. A M&M cake sheeeeee's so happy since usually that's the one that Julian picks LOL(he'll get one made just for him the next time he's home on leave) My DD is still deciding on what she wants for dinner

Nothing new with son #4 (Dominic) same o same o or SOS


Sailor Son #1's (Christopher) ship will be pulling out in the next few weeks for deployment and were also trying to set up a couple times to talk on skype before he pulls out ... it sure will be nice seeing & talking to Jacob :)

Sailor son #2 (David) will be heading off to some special schooling on Easter Sunday along with a couple of his mates for 2 months ..... Cathy is pissed since he's leaving on Easter Sunday and she has nobody to spend the Holiday with but I told her that I'll be there for her ( we always talk a ton whenever David is on deployment or out of state)


Be Good and Play Nice!


Thanks for visiting ..........

Within your heart, keep one still secret spot
"Where dreams may go"

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