Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tulips & Marshmallows?

"Tulips are blooming in Holland, Michigan
Tulips bright colored and gay"

Not really but I'm all ready for when my tulips start blooming if spring ever gets here.I have over 200 tulip bulbs planted around my house and I decided to make some tulip doilies this year ... DH's favorite flower is the tulip and he was really excited seeing a tulip doily when I surprised him with it over the weekend :)

Tulip Doily #1

Be on the lookout for more tulip doilies!I'm going to see how many differant ones I can make before I can pick mine ( some of them are starting to pop through the ground)


What do marshmallows have to do with tulips? Nothing at all LOL. My daughter LOVES marshmallows so I made her a s'more to put on the box with her birthday gift of Magna books ..... she had the biggest smile on her face when she saw it and that's a good thing from a 15 year old :)


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