Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Hope your day is off to a FANTASTIC start and just keeps on getting better and better !

A little something to put a smile on your face ..... son #4 and I were grinning from ear to ear this morning when we saw it on the news ENJOY!

Monday was a very lucky & full of surprises kind of day for me (haven't had one of those type of days in a long time) Not sure right now what the order was but here's the list:

1. I just finnished doing some yard work up front and Dominic pulled up with a DQ blizzard for both of us (he was hot after his workout at the gym plus it was almost 80 degrees outside lol)...... it sure is a great feeling when one of your children surprise you with something out of the blue ..... Love you Dominic xoxoxoxo

2.I entered a contest at Sunflowerz Crochet for a crochet hook roll and my name was one of the names picked (she had 2 winners) I'm sooooooo excited to have a special place for all my hooks .... I'll treasure it always Sandy , thanks agian for having the contest!

Sandy already sewed them up ... boy is she fast! Mine is the bottom one , I'll post a picture of it with some of my hooks in it when it arrives in MI ;)

3. Another surprise :) One of my nieghbors ( she's 87 years old and lives next to me) surpised me with a bottle of home made tomatoe sauce with poopy seeds from a veggy market by us ( she likes useing it on her spare ribs )....... I check up on her every couple of days, she only has me a really close lady friend in her life now.


Thanks for visiting ..........Within your heart, keep one still secret spot
"Where dreams may go"

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