Monday, May 24, 2010


I didn't relize I haven't updated my blog since St. Paddy's Day ..... all I can say is WOW that's a long time! Real life happened around my house but everything is alot better now so I'm back :) Today is a day for some quick updates then I'll get back on track updateing every few days.

Lets start with theMILITARY:
Sailor Son #1 has been doing sea trials and is waiting to find out where his next deployment with his ship will be

Sailor Son #2 is back in Maryland after a special assignment (didn't get any more gray hairs this time LOL)

Sailor Son #3 is on stand by for an assignment ... was able to talk with him on skype over the weekend it sure was fantastic hearing his voice and seeing how he looks LOL

Rest of Family:

Dominics been really busy with work ... he works for a florist and it's wedding season, he's in charge of all deliveries and setting up the weddings .... Mothers day was really crazy for him but he sure loved all the over time he got LOL

Amelia is almost done with this school year the last day is June 11th .... boy did this year go by fast!

My dear hubby ..... SOS :)

Crochet: As everyone knows crocheting keeps me sane! I made some doilies and a few other things that I'll be showing you in the next couple of days. I started a new doily last night

Do you ever get in a crochet slump and don't know what to crochet? That was my problem last night ... do I want to make a doily with lots of pieces, one color or a combination of colors. I pulled out my tubs of thread and was shocked to see I had a ton of balls of pastel verigated so I'm on a mission to use up some of the balls LOL. The doily that I'm making is "Ocean Waves" from the June 2010 Crochet World

Thanks for visiting ..........Within your heart, keep one still secret spot "Where dreams may go"

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  1. Oh I wish, I have so much to crochet that I can never figure out which project to do then I start too many and none get finished. :( So I go through periods where I just work on finishing projects...been doing that this week. But I can relate when you sometimes look at it all and think naw don't want to do that no not that and then do nothing...I do like your pin wheel design.. :) colors are pretty. :)


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