Saturday, July 24, 2010

This And That

I figured I'd do a quick update while I have a few minutes on the comp


This is my Ocean Waves doily all done (except blocking)that I posted a while back .... remember how I wanted to use up some of my varigated pastel thread

Another doily usseing the varigated thread :)

Doily that I'm working on now "6 Swans A Swimming" from "Flower Garden Pineapple Doilies"

CDP"1 = Sea Asters...... from one of the groups I'm in GT ....... boy does this one need BLOCKING!


Sailor Sons #1 & 3 are both out at sea "LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS"

Sailor Son # 2 came home for a quick visit last weekend to visit with my Mom and the rest of us :)

PhotobucketThanks for visiting ..........Within your heart, keep one still secret spot "Where dreams may go"

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