Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This And That

It's a damp rainy day here in Michigan ... hopefully Spring will be here realy soon! This has been a loooooong winter with tons of snow and boy do I need the warmth of the sun!

I know it's been awhile since I did any updateing so here goes:

Everyone is doing good and getting older .... We had 2 birthdays over the weekend Sailor son #3 turned 21 on March 5th in Guam (His bottle of booze is waiting here for him when he's on leave at home) My baby(Amelia) turned sweet 16 on sunday ... she didn't want a party or anything but a couple of realy good friends stopped by to give her some birthday wishes & presents .... I know she had a FANTASTIC sweet 16 birthday ,you could tell by the twinkle in her eyes all day long:)

Dominic is doing well. He's been looking around for a new job but it's really been slow hunting around here ... hopefully he'll hear something soon from one of the places. He's hopeing for the CAD job (keeping my fingers crossed) pay is good and also has some good benifits

Sailor son #1 is enjoying every minute being with his family before heading for his training to get ready for the sand box ...... I don't know when he'll be here for a visit but I'm guessing towards the end of April, It's going to be a very hard visit not a happy one like in the past .... I've already bought the makings for the yellow ribbons to put on our trees upfront and on the Anchor (Amelia & I will make the bows when Christopher is here) :(

Sailor son #2 (David) is David so it's the SOS with him except that it looks like him & Cathy found a house to rent off base ... thier both sick of living on base and want a backyard LOL

Sailor son #3 (Julian) is chilling in the heat of Guam ... he did find some mates that like to play tennis so he's happy! He's also been playing alot of golf.

I joined the " I am so SICK of Winter Swap" at the "ville" be on the lookout for pictures and who my partners are ... I have 2 ;)

I opened up an Etsy shop ... crocheting keeps me sane and out of trouble so it's all good for me.

I'm thinking about having a contest here so be on the lookout for more info about it in the next few days.

Have a Fantastic day surrounded by good things!

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